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Friday, September 18, 2009
A Star is Born!!

Just a quick one to let you know that Noah was born by emergency c- section on Sunday due to antepartum haemorrhage. Luckily Kim was already in hospital because she woke up the Tuesday prior with a small bleed so she was admitted. Then they discovered that Noah was small for dates due to placental insuffienciency. He was only measuring 24 weeks when we were 27 weeks!!! Kim was admitted and put on strict bed rest with a plan to have a doppler scan every 2 days to measure the blood flow through the cord and a growth scan every 2 weeks. Luckily our Dr decided to give her two doses of steriods just in case. We made it to 5 days and she started to bleed profusely so it was off to theatre in a hurry.

Everyone is well, Noah is in NICU but he is a TROOPER!!! Born on 13/09/09 at 27+4 weeks, 750gms (or 1pound 10 ounces!!!!!!!!) with apgars of 6 and 9. They intubated him for the first 11 hours of life only to get him settled in NICU and get his umbilical lines in etc, but they didn't need to because he kept wanting to pull out the tube because he was breathing on his own! He was so feisty that they took him off the respirator and put him on Cpap instead. They have never had a baby this young on Cpap alone, so they dont have nasal prongs small enough for him, so they are stretching his little nostrils! He hasn't needed any oxygen since birth and he is on day 5 today! He is currently on 2 hours off cpap twice a day and his oxygen saturation is between 95 and 100% all the time!

We are so pround of our LITTLE bundle! Will update when I can, as you can imagine life is hectic at the moment! I'm keeping the ticker up so we can see when he is considered term, the closer we get to term the sooner he can come home!

For more news go to http://star-is-born.blogspot.com/
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Saturday, August 29, 2009
25 weeks (and a bit...)

We have kicks!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Been waiting forever for kicking, what with this anterior placenta and all!! I have felt them a couple of times now and Kim got two big kicks and a roll over last night! Getting really excited about Noah being here in less than 15 weeks!

Poor Kim has had nearly every pregnancy condition so far: morning sickness, sore boobs, a bleed, thrush, pregnancy rhinitis (causing a post nasal drip and very sore throat - lucky i work for an ENT specialist), a hemorrhoid, irritable bladder, painful braxton hicks contractions, round ligament pain, indigestion/heartburn etc. We had our 24 week OB appt and heard the heartbeat again so that was reassuring considering at that stage we didn't feel the baby moving.

So if the first trimester and the second trimester are anything to go by, i am hoping that the third trimester we only get minor pregnancy related conditions. We have to hope not to get gestation diabetes, IUGR, pre-eclampsia, premature labour, group b strep, anemia, and hope for only backaches, shortness of breath, varicose veins, stretch marks just to name a few. Can only hope for the less worrisome ones huh!
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Saturday, July 25, 2009
And just because photos are so fun... 20 weeks!!!
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Some nursery items....

Although we are moving house at the beginning of September, i thought i would share what we set up in the nursey so far. It isnt set up beautfully yet as it is temporary and we have to dismantle the cot to get it out of the room, but in truth the act of setting it up was pretty exciting. I have some wall decals to put up that match the bedding and we cannot wait to set it all up permanently at the new house. As you can see we have already so many clothes that we are stopping unless we see something we absolutely must have!! Now to get started on sewing some nappies now i know that we are having a baby boy!! We have his name picked out already.. His name will be Noah.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Its a ......

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
16 weeks today...
Had our OB appt and yes we heard the heartbeat 150bpm - perfect! Was a quick appointment although she got weighed, blood pressure done, went through all her blood tests and everything is right on track! She isn't anaemic so she doesn't need an iron supplement which is good because Kim complains enough about being all blocked up!! So now all we have left to do in the next 3 weeks until her 19 week scan....is grow!!
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009
15 weeks today...
Well not much happening still. Kim complains of sore nipples and some nausea at night time after dinner and thats about it. She seems to be expanding a little bit according to how tight her pants are but nothing dramatic. She hasn't started wearing the maternity jeans that we bought and she hasn't ordered maternity pants in her uniform for work either. Her pigmentation is darkening and that line on her belly is becoming more noticeable. Might be coming in earlier because she is so olive skinned. We have an ob appointment next week on Tuesday, where we hope we are able to hear the baby's heartbeat!! That should tide us over until the next scan which is booked for 15th July at 19 weeks!!!

As for the nursery... All the things we bought for the baby are still in their plastic wrappers and packed away in the cot. The changetable mat still in its plastic and is sitting in its place on the changetable beside the cot. Inside the cot is a mattress in its plastic, a bouncer, a carseat, baskets for under the changetable, manchester, a hug-a-bub carrier, a roll of custom made wall decals i had made to match the manchester, then there is the pram in the wardrobe. I have my eye on a baby bath but am waiting for it to go on special before i buy it and then we have left getting a high chair for when Kim's parents come over from Malta in Febuary next year to meet the baby. They wanted to buy something for the baby so we figured that seen as how we have bought everything else they can buy that if they like.

I bought a whole heap of short sleeved no legs onesies on special for $2.50 each from Best and Less because the baby will be born in the height of summer. So a nappy and a singlet will be the order of the day and I figure onsies will be good so you dont have to pull the singlet down all the time. I didnt want to buy too many clothes as i am sure we will get alot for presents because we have bought everything else!! If people ask us what we need i am going to tell them.. clothes all sizes, baby wraps and manchester. Because you cant have too much of any of those!!
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
14 weeks today...
I can just see that I am going to forget to post on the exact day and this 12, 13, 14 weeks today will become 15 weeks yesterday or 16 weeks the other day!! Oh well I have kept it up for 3 weeks so far!! Not much happening. Not much happens between week 13 and week 14. Just so you know. No scans, no OB appts, no blood tests. Nausea remains a tiny bit at night time and tiredness makes Kim's bed time at the latest 8.30pm. But otherwise, ho hum.............. (really I am glad for the boringness, no more excitement needed here).
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